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The online store will reopen fall 2024!

The online store is CLOSED for the SEASON
and will reopen fall 2024!.

The WildLife Group

Sustainable Wildlife Enhancement

The Wildlife Group is a nursery strictly dedicated to wildlife and the enhancement of its natural, productive beauty. We grow trees that not only intensify the beauty of your surroundings, but also improve the productiveness of your land. [ Read More ]

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Expert articles
Chip Evans

Tree Plot Planning, Planting, and Care

by Allen Deese With hunting season approaching, many of you have already planted your food plots or are preparing to do so. It’s also a great time to plan to add trees to your property this winter. As we are prepping our land and bushhogging,

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Expert articles
Chip Evans

Steps for Planting and Creating an Oak Tree Orchard

As we enter the winter months, planting trees should be on everyone’s mind. I tend to get hundreds of questions on best planting dates, production times, and proper planting techniques. These questions are great, but some of the most important aspects of planting and developing

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How to Guidelines

How to guide
Kandis Mills

Weed Control

One of the most limiting factors for all newly planted trees are weeds. Weed competition can result in death or poor growth of young trees. Keep a 3-4’ circle cleaned at the base of each tree. This can be done by mulching, use of weed fabric or chemicals. When using

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